Freitag, 30. September 2011

Austria, again!

Yes, someone is still out there knitting in Austria!

I found a very cute park bench on the main square in Linz, Upper Austria, covered in knitting.
I don't know who made it, but it does look really nice.

And now I'm really motivated to jump into guerilla crafting once more this winter.

So, cu soon!


Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Rest in Pixels - oneup

On December, 16th Florian Hufsky aka. oneup founder and former board member of the Pirate Party of Austria and our fellow hacker, amazingly talented game and graphic designer, and wonderful friend deceased.

I made some little one-ups out of Perler Beads and x1598 and I stuck them everywhere in Vienna, Berlin, Braunschweig and Halberstadt.

If you want to know more about one-up. Pirate Party International, Hackerspaces, Wikipedia.

More mushrooms at Vienna Guerilla Crafters.


Innsbruck be-knitted.

West austrian mission number one

Since we didn't use all of our stuff in Munich, I took some of the flowers with me to make Innsbruck a bit more stylish the next day ;)
A fellow crafter spent the weekend with me (bavarian-austrian friendship, crafting doesn't know any borders ;) )

It was a beautiful sunny day, so the flowers were perfect objects for this first attempt in Innsbruck.
Since - again - we forgot to tie some more yarn to the flowers, so we can actually bind them to something, we always had to search for spots where we could stick them on something.

The first one is placed on the Maria-Theresien-Platz, where a nice bike was standing all alone in the cold.

The next one found its destiny on the thing where you put the coins (my english. help.) into a cigarette vending machine. edit: Slot. we put it on the slow ;) Myself, I'm a passionate non-smoker, so hey people! Knit flowers instead *grin*

There still is a huge construction site near the M.T.-Platz, and the fence is full with posters and everything. Clearly, we had to put a nice little flower there too ;)

On our way to the asian restaurant we saw this car with broken mirrors fixed with tape on both sides. Again, a flower will help making this a bit more beautiful ;)

Thanks for reading,
we had a great day - I hope you enjoy the pics!


Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

Munich "war"

Actually there wasn't anything like a war in Munich, like everyone was so unbelievable fucking kind... except those whereever-there-were-from outlandish tourists who wanted to get a blowjob (jeez, seriously???????)

We started our first project here, meeting up right in the middle.
This guerilla war is presented for you by charly and denocte, one from the "Ruhrpott" the other one from Austria... which proofs: Great minds think alike, doesn't matter where they're from.

Let me show you a few pics denocte made today:

Getting started at the "Augustiner":

We left our first crafty object just there:

Our next one got a bit more attention:

Even small gifts count:


Caught in the act

Prolly there are more pics to come of our Munich trip, but this already gives a good impression of our great day :)

Mittwoch, 13. Januar 2010

Welcome to Guerilla Crafting, crafty folks.

This site is about connecting all the craft guerillas out there and to share our little fancy projects.

Guerilla Crafting means attaching handmade stuff to lamp posts, traffic lights, statues, trees, signs, bikes, benches etc.
But it is not about vandalism, it's about making the world a bit more colorful, beautiful and shiny.

Guerilly Crafts are supposed to be removable in case of really disturbing anyone.
But hopefully you'll all have a bit of sense for where to place your crafts.

Let us know about your local groups and projects, give us a link to your page and link ours on yours (a banner will be available soon).

Let's start the fight :D